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MAY - JUNE 2012

Hey guys! I have been out of town and traveling a ton the past two months, so that explains the joint blog! I have been overwhelmed with the blessings, life changes and everything else that comes along with graduating college and entering the real world, but- I am loving it.
Thought for this months blog, I would just pass along a big lesson that I have learned in the past 8 weeks that has definitely had a hug impact on my life now and in the future.

“ Sometimes being a leader means having the courage to say no and walk away from a worldly opportunity for a step towards the eternal kingdom.” ~Me

Throughout last few weeks I had been presented with a few major opportunities that would have taken my career into a completely different level of the Hollywood realm. The job I was presented with was one for a major TV network that would have reached 400 million people. Obviously this can be extremely enticing when the monetary pay comes into play and the ideas of whom I would be working with, where I would be working and the benefits in addition to that are considered. However, I turned down the opportunity due to the nature of the show not being Biblical, as I was told it would be, and also due to the fact that it was against everything I believe in.

I am not telling you this to showcase the opportunity that I came across in my life, but to instead share with you the things I learned. I believe God puts some people through different situations so that they can share with others what they learned in order to warn and pass on the courage to overcome worldly temptations. ONE of the things I learned, was that no matter what the dollar signs add up to, it is not worth sacrificing what you know to be True in order to appease man. It is difficult sitting in a room full of directors and producers, talking about a giant project and then being convicted the entire time that it is not of genuine faith and a strong foundation in God’s word. SECOND thing I learned was that it truly takes only about 20 seconds of courage to say ‘No, I don’t agree with this’, and then walk away. You’re not being foolish, but instead you’re being wise to take a stand for Christ, even if it is just saying ‘no.’

1 Timothy 4:12- Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.


Recent Projects

~ The biggest excitement I have to announce is that I am the TV and Live host for Phoenix Fashion Week! This is an amazing opportunity and I can honestly say it was all in God’s plans. Giving it to Him! I am extremely excited to be interviewing designers, models, peers on the PHXFW Team, stylists, hair and make-up artists, fashion bloggers and other people involved in the fashion community! Check out Phoenix Fashion Week TV Channel on Youtube, upcoming News Outlets here in Arizona and on the home site of PHXFW. I will also be hosting/emceeing the live events and look forward to meeting all the people who come out to the events! It’s going to be a blast!
An Interview for PHXFW is here in the Press Release below!


Here I am interviewing for our first filming at the Emerging Designers Event!

I have been on Your Life A to Z here in Phoenix and I love that they have given me the chance to do some Fashion Segments for them! I have more booked and am working on ideas now! If you have any topics, trend questions or fashion advice wanted- email me and let me know! I love hearing from you guys and want to cover anything you may like to hear more about in my segments- bookingbrittanydawn@gmail.com

A few weeks ago I was asked to come into FOX 10 for an Interview on the recent Miss USA controversy. I was greatly blessed by the year I had with MUO and you can read about my viewpoints here on the issue recently arising in media outlets.

Thanks guys! God Bless!

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