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This has been an amazing month so far! I just got back from Israel, where it was snowing and hailing all ten days. Although I had been there before, it was still an amazing trip and the Bible becomes a
picture book when you are standing at the Sea of Galilee,, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and all the places where Jesus was in His time here on earth. A great reminder of the importance of life!

I was a presenter at the Movie Guide Awards Show here in Los Angeles and I encouraged you to check out this organization. They truly are leading the way for positive and morally rich films in today's

Here's an idea of what the awards commend in film making and producing:

Some of you asked me questions and Im going to answer a few!

What tips do you have for beauty regimens, products, advice?

 I'm not an expert, but I definitely have had plenty of trial and error opportunities that have taught me ALOT! Through photo shoots, news casts, filming, and events you have to have a system down that is reliable and you know it's going to make you look your best in the crunched amount of time you have.

1. Make-up: The Perfect Face  

There really is no other make-up brand that works incredibly well for HD Cameras, Photos and events where you want to look camera-ready 24/7. The founder is a dear friend of mine, Danielle Doyle, and she truly has created a technique that highlights every girls best features. I have been using this amazing brand for about 4 years now and it continues to beat out any other brand I try. Danielle has worked with many A-listers and she actually did my make-up for Miss USA 2012, which was televised on NBC. Heres a few examples of her work and her painting my face before MIss USA!

The foundation full covers, matches your skin tone and looks professional. The contour is a must as it brings out your cheek bones, dabbed with a little bit of Doll Face blush. My absolute favorite eye shadows are Macchiato mixed with Chocolate Cake. I suggest using Moonlight to highlight the eyebrow and inner lid. I add Coffee Bean shadow in the corner for a more dramatic, but not overpowering smokey eye! To top it off, you have to try Cameo lip liner, Sex on Heels lipstick and then gloss it with Pinky or Entice.

2. Hair: CHI or Biosilk 

Even though they sponsored me at MIss USA and I did an ad for the company, from an unbiased view I can say that CHI really does make wonderful products for your hair. They have the best straighteners and curling irons that won't burn your hair or leave it dry. Biosilk Shampoo is my favorite because it moisturizes, without leaving your hair so heavy that you can't curl it the next day. Great combination of volume and moisture!

3. Face: Zinc and Fish Oil
I take  Zinc and Fish Oil daily! My facialist got me hooked on them and they truly make a difference. Get the fish oil with an extra coating, that way they don't leave a fishy taste in your mouth. Both help with your skin, clearing the skin and reduces the tired and groggy look we can get from traveling and having to wear make-up often for work. Try it out for at least a week before you see major effects!

Drink tons of waters daily for every improvement possible. I am currently getting over jet-lag with a gallon of water a day and I tend to drink about a gallon of water on a daily basis anyways. It makes
you feel good, look good, and helps curving that appetite.

5. Workout with Chris Akard! ( If you're in Arizona) 


Chris prepped me for Miss USA 2012 and I continue to work with him when I am back in town. He truly has an art form to his system of working out that include a nutrition plan and healthy ways to lose the weight and tone at the same time. I honestly have never met someone who is not only interested in preparing you for the physical work, but all for the mental work. He understand your personal goals, and motivates you through encouragement, honesty, and positive results in a short amount of time. His training is a MUST.

He appears on Good Day Arizona, Channel 3, every Saturday as well to answer health and body questions form viewers.

Of course we can add beauty to ourselves through make-up, curlers and glitz, but remember these hings all fade. It's what on the inside that lasts forever. Knowledge, wisdom, education, your heart- these really define who you are and make you more beautiful daily. You were made in God's image, so remember when you're having "one of those days" that it doesn't matter what the world thinks. It matters that you appreciate how God made you different and unique with a divine purpose for life. You are His Masterpiece.

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."
Psalm 139:14


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