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I answered a few of the questions I received via Twitter and Facebook!I received a lot of great ones and picked a few! Thanks for the inquiries guys!
xoxo B


What advice would you give to someone like me who wants to get into the entertainment industry, and wants to be a light?

I think the first key for someone who wants to go into the industry is to realize what you will be surrounded with on a daily basis. You have to be realistic with yourself and come to terms with the fact that although you have strong beliefs you are going to be tempted left and right- you’re human! It takes a certain person with a certain personality to be able to see these temptations, understand the long-term consequences, and be able to walk away from the money and fame it could present. You must have “thick skin” for the criticism you will receive from people who were your friends, co-workers, and others around you. God gives each person a purpose and outlet in this world to spread the light. I personally believe God is calling me into the entertainment industry as it takes passion to enter it, and I have that desire and passion in my heart. The light needs to be in every aspect of life and every job arena. Hollywood is an especially tough arena for a believer due to the fact that movies are largely based on worldly temptations and desires. That being said, I think with mass communication and influence we can relate to the audience and intertwine ethics in movies to reach the audience. You have to be prayed up and Word-ed up. Put your armor on!

How have you dealt with situations or jobs that you were not comfortable with, but managed to keep your standards and integrity intact?

I think it’s important to lay down your boundaries before you sign a contract or agree to do the job. I always lay out the facts of what I will and will not do. I honestly have declined more jobs this past year than accepted due to the fact that it would put me in a position that would compromise my beliefs and stances. It’s not worth the money to ruin your reputation. People are just people, even in Hollywood. I would, and have in the past; walked away while on set because the content and message was not something I wanted to advertise. It really is not worth all of the money in this world to turn your back on God.

How can you really go far in the industry like you have without selling yourself?

Stay grounded. Have friends and family that keep you on your toes and remind you of who the real Boss is. Use the discernment within you and Have FUN! There are so many opportunities out there and I cannot emphasize how exciting it is to work hard towards something and see it pay off - even if it takes years. If you lay out your boundaries in the beginning of your career, people will respect you for that and uphold them throughout your lifetime. You want to achieve longevity, not 15 minutes of fame. That is attained through consistency and respect.


What is something you’re obsessed with right now?

I am loving Voluspa Candles! I have literally gone through three of them in the last month…(and they’re big candles!) I always have one burning in my room. Favorite scents are Muscari and Goji Tarocco Orange. Go try one!

Any new favorite colors for spring/summer?

I really am loving the BRIGHT colors we see everywhere. I particularly want to go buy the lime-gold green and the citrus-coral orange.

B’s “Try This!”:

Rain Cosmetics has the BEST products out there! In addition to great products, the people behind the line is just as great. They support many charities and raise awareness for all different kinds of diseases. Get pampered and DO GOOD at the same time! Ron, Lori, Lisa and Junior as some of the most generous people I have ever met and I am so blessed to have been able to work with them in the past! ( hopefully again in the future).
I wear their products on a daily basis and these are the two top products I just cannot get enough of!


‘Sand Storm’ lipgloss and ‘Beach Club Bronzer’ in Lifeguard Lover.

Sand storm is the perfect nude that still has a solid color to it. I have worn it everyday since I got it (about 2 weeks ago!) I also love the Tropical Storm color as well… GORGEOUS coral color!

Beach Club Bronzer is just the right amount of sun-kissed color that your want, without looking orange or uneven. I like the Lifeguard Lover color that is more of a matte bronze!


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