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Lately I have been thinking about the Face of God and in a society that uses images for just about everything, I’ve noticed the images for the concept of the Face of God do not coincide with my personal vision. I am not talking about the humanistic features of what God looks like, and society tends to place a set of eyes, ears, a nose and mouth on a God that is too worthy of the humbling form He took a few thousand years ago on this earth for our benefit. The Face of God, to me, takes many forms. It is most prevalent to me in the pure moments of almost mental silence, Epiphany-like moments, actins taken by people subconsciously out of the good heart within and the objects of raw nature, untouched by mans hands. As some of you may know, I have an obsession with the Heavens, Sky, Stars, and Nature. I also thoroughly enjoy spending time mentoring young children. I have come to realize that the reasoning behind these passions is because they bring me closer to the Face of God.

His Face is seen in the purity of His creation and the Heavens are completely reliable. They always reflect His latest artistic ability and come rain or shine, beauty is seen in the power of Gods ability through creation to transform a somewhat unhappy day into a joyful day just by glancing upwards. Also, I love seeing the Face of God through His heavens because every glance up, is one less stare down at the ground. So often we can get hectic in the business of our lives, looking downward at our computers, texting, phones, the polluted ground and focusing on our minuscule human problems. Our issues, problems and difficulties seem so large in the little city and world we live in- because that tends to be what we construct our world around. Drama with people, disappointments, failures, successes, achievements, and relationships are all part of life that occupy our minds all day, every day. Too often, myself included, we tend to place these “gods” –successes or failures, work or relationships - above The One True God.

Our successes were only possible with the blessing and guidance of the One who gave it to us. Our Failures may be results of giving into temptations or they may be God’s way of directing us in another direction. Either way, everything happens for a reason and we need to remember that life is short and who we are and who we were made to be is seen and reached through failures as well.

Work is probably the most stressful issues in all of our lives. We have the pressure to be successful, according to the world, by making enough money to live here and do this or that. We have to be able to keep up with the latest trends and show off to others how our $200,000 dollar education was more beneficial because we are able to buy certain things with particular designer names and live in that neighborhood that people dream of living in their whole lives, but never get to. This is a rut we all fall into. We all feel insignificant when next to a better car than ours, when we have friends over to our house and are ashamed of it’s size and decorations. The thought of this actually makes me laugh because I am currently writing this while flying on the Airplane via Wi-Fi. I am looking at the voluminous clouds AKA: The Face of God from an eagle-eye view. The plane could crash right now and the clothes I have, my house and my car are not going to save me. The only thing that matters at this exact moment I am relying on a contraption to get me through the air, are the actions I have taken towards the Eternal Kingdom. My work won’t save me, it won’t matter a year from now. The work I have done won’t save this plane from crashing, and my worldly work, won’t be my legacy. If you think about it, people don’t really care what you do, people care about what kind of an impact you leave. Celebrities, stay-at-home moms, and college students all put their pants on the same way. We all were created by the same God for the same purpose. “Work” as the world classifies, ranks and defines it is seen in one category by God. It is seen as the work He placed before us here on earth= to Spread the Good News and live a life according to Christ-like manners. His Mercy and Grace covers our fleshy sins and temptations, and for that I am thankful.

Relationships are a blessing from God. Our friends and family are there for fellowship and reliability. Romantic relationships are meant to be built on a foundation of Christ-centeredness. Drama and negative issues with friends, family and loved ones are usually the things we consume our minds with most. This is because it is clear that God created the only eternal thing in our lives are relationships. It is actually built in our DNA to have a deep appreciation and desire to have healthy relationships- God put it there within us. It is through our relationships with others that we are able to share the Gospel, grow as believers and work for the Great Commission. The Face of God is seen especially here, because this is the eternal variable in every single individuals life. Whether or not we tend to it, is a personal choice, but regardless of the attention given to relationships- they concoct eternal outcomes. The Face of God is joyful when fellowship takes place, encouragement happens, and an individual is able to set aside his or her humanistic selfishness and place others eternal outcome above their own daily “problems” that seem so important at the time. Once again, the Heavens are there when you are experiencing pain, frustration or disappointment with different issues in life. All you have to do is glance upwards, towards God, towards His Heavens and realize just how big of a God you are dealing with. Your life issues are extremely miniscule compared to the powerful, Almighty God who Was, Is and Is yet to come. He is a God so big that He created the Sun at just the exact precise location, one inch closer to earth and we would all burn, one inch away and we would freeze. He is a God so big that He created the Galaxies, the Stars that a bazillions of light-years away. He is a God so Big and Powerful that every single individual around the globe (7 BILLION) can be praying all at once, yet He listens to you, as if you were the only one. YET He is a God so humble that He took human form and refused to use His divine powers while here on earth and chose to show us how to live a Godly life based on Christ-like mindset.

No matter what is going on in your life right at this moment, cancer-unemployment-divorce-death-birth, God is there. He is using your life story for a bigger purpose than you can see right now. You can only see one tiny piece of the puzzle, but God has the entire puzzle already put together and each piece is needed.

The Face of God is not fading, but it is just becoming more unnoticed. Take time to listen to Children, look at the Heavens and go with the subconscious action to think the best of people. Take a stand for Christ in politics, work, and relationships. It is ok to lay down the “gods” we focus on and take-up a Face of God approach on life.


Look up and see how big your God is.


Latest Shinanigans:

New York Fashion Week! I was given the opportunity to do some red carpet interviews and Tv Hosting for NYFW. This was an absolutely amazing experience. I interviewed Donald Trump, Ryan Lochte, the cast from Bunheads, the cast from Dance Moms, and other influential people! It was absolutely surreal mixing my love of Fashion and interviewing people in one job. Here are some photos!

A few days after I had the chance to interview Jeff Gordon for Positive Side Sports Show!


The biggest adventure I just finished was something I have been working on for several months now… Phoenix Fashion Week! I was the Fashion TV

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